Alaska Fishing Trips for Pike and Sheefish

Alaska, Land of the Midnight Sun...

Alaska, Land Of The Midnight Sun... Just the name itself carries a sense of greatness. For years, Alaska has been known for its wondrous size, its magnificent mountains, its trophy size game, and of course it's salmon fishing and pike fishing. Midnight Sun Alaskan Fishing Adventures offers luxury & comfort, while enjoying Alaska's remote wilderness. Our professional Alaska fishing guides provide a level of experience, knowledge and enthusiasm that ensures the fishing trip of a lifetime for those anglers interested in hooking the largest pike they’ve always dreamt about. We'll provide the expertise you need on the fish and their habitat, gear, fishing techniques, casting, and how to catch that trophy fish of your dreams. Custom trips are also available on other Western Alaska Rivers.

Alaska Pike Fishing

Alaska Northern pike wait to ambush their pray while patiently waiting in the back bays and grassy sloughs they call home. Pike are the fastest accelerating fish in the world and come armed with 702 teeth. Alaska Pike weigh an average of 7 pounds and their fierce wake will strike fear in the hearts of most hardened pike fisherman. It’s best to be cautious when fishing for Pike in Alaska, we’ve seen 40" pike lurking in the muddy waters. Our Alaska fishing trips also target Sheefish. This fish has a strong bite and is fast moving. Sheefish migrate in schools up river throughout the summer months. These unique fish provide quick and ferocious action for the spin cast, or fly fishing enthusiast. Come join our Alaska guided fishing service to experience some of the most amazing fishing found on the planet. All of our fishing guides are highly experienced and will get you hooked up with amazing fish!

Midnight Sun

On June 28th 2019, the actual Midnight Sun went up in flames. It was devastating and replacing her seemed to be impossible. Until a cold rainy night during COVID lock down when My wife found the Tom Payton Custom “Patriot”, a Ballistic Catamaran built for devouring the Yukon river. The Patriot is a custom built, aluminum hull, forty-foot, catamaran, outfitted with twin 300HP engines to expedite travel throughout the wilderness of the remote Yukon drainage. It comfortably accommodates four anglers with all the luxuries of a home. The Patriot allows Midnight Sun to access the Yukon river in an incredibly comfortable and efficient way. The Patriot will move different location’s during your trip to ensure the best and most rested fishing areas.

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