Yukon River Pike

The Patriot Ballistic Catamaran ($6650.00 Per Angler 7 Day Trip)

The Patriot is a custom built, aluminum hull, forty-foot, catamaran, outfitted with twin 300HP engines to expedite travel throughout the wilderness of the remote Yukon drainage. It comfortably accommodates four anglers with all the luxuries of a home. After your charter flight lands you will board The Patriot and enjoy lunch while we jet to your first fishing area. After lunch you will step from The Patriot directly onto one of our 17 ft custom built skiffs, outfitted with 40HP outboard engines. These two boats are equipped with the latest in electronics, remote-control trolling motors, huge casting platforms and pedestal seats.  An expert guide will lead two anglers on each skiff. Once your fishing day is complete, you again board The Patriot and drive to the next fishing zone while eating a satisfying dinner. Once we get to your next fishing zone we will anchor The Patriot, prepare for the next days fishing and get some sleep. The next day you hop right on the skiffs and do it all over again.

Based off water temps, bait, wind direction and forage your guides navigate the many miles of river to find your monster pike. Weed beds, sloughs, submerged island and points are just a few places a well-placed lure could be rewarding. Top water fly fishing, giant flies even giant rubber swim baits are all tactics used on the Yukon's giant tackle crushing pike.

The greatest part about Yukon pike fishing is the 50" monster could literally be any cast.

scott and brain guide pose

Remote Guided Tent Camp ($3500 per angler 5 day trip)

Due to the absolute vastness of the river system guided tent camps are another way to experience the magnitude of the Yukon drainage. Utilizing large tents, cots, cook tents shower and lavatory facilities, fresh drinking water and with hearty food your base camp will give you access to areas even more rarely fished. Set up for the true adventurer, this tent camp moves every two weeks in order to explore new areas. This gives the angler the true ability to fish areas that have never been fished before. The camp has a powered skiff to assist in transportation from area to area. Oar framed rafts are used as the fishing vessels. Comfortable and stealthy the guides will tow and row you into a true remote experience.

Basic Moose Hunt Package (7 days $3000 per hunter)

We will transport you and your gear to previously selected sites. This is transport only. All other gear will need to be provided by you.

Standard Moose Hunt Package (7 days $5500 per hunter)

We will transport you and your gear to previously selected sites. This package includes tents, cooking gear, satellite phone and food.

Deluxe Moose Hunt Package (7 days $8000 per hunter)

The Deluxe Package includes lodging and all meals prepared on the house boat. Every day of the trip we will drop you off and pick you up from your day of hunting. Satellite phone will also be provided for emergency use. You will have full access to the midnight suns facilities.