Week #3 2021

Operation “Seek and Destroy”. The water dropped into the banks and the battle began. Our fishery became an insane hook setting marvel. Sight casting, cabbage fishing, channel and mouth fishing was AMAZING. The whole fishery was on fire. Late day heat created some issues but were easily managed. This was some of the best fishing I have ever seen.

Along for the ride was Randy, Terry and my dynamic duo Katie (my fish crushing daughter) and her friend Big E the “Pike Slayer” and her father Don. Terry landed a pair of 49’s, Randy’s largest was a 48”, Don landed a 49” monster while acting as bug net and candy man pit crew, Big E dropped a monster 47” and Katie Bug slammed the biggest fish at 51”!!! Not bad for an eleven year old.

Here are the numbers:
Number of Anglers: 5
Big Fish: 51”
49” - 3
48” - 3
47” - 4
46” - 5
45” - 11
Total fish over 40” - 161

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