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best times to fish


June - Early July

  • Highest numbers of fish caught during this season.
  • The pike are coming out of their post spawn sulk and are feeding heavily.
  • Warm temps and high bug activity are traditional for this season.
  • High water can be a variable during time of year.
  • Cabbage weed beds, shallows and sloughs are fishing the best at this time of year.

Middle of July - Middle of August

  • Most consistent fishing season.
  • Stable water levels, variable weather conditions.
  • Solid girth measurements, the pike have great strength.
  • Fish activity directly correlates to weather conditions.

End of August - September

  • Largest fish of the season are typically caught this time of year.
  • Fewer numbers of fish are caught but usually large.
  • Cold water temps make morning fishing difficult.
  • Dropping water levels can force fish to wintering holes.
  • Duck hunting can be amazing.

2018 booking dates

June 24  - June 30  1 Angler Spot Available
July 30 - July 6 Fully Booked
July 6 - July 12 Fully Booked
July 12 - July 18 Fully Booked
July 18 - July 24 Fully Booked
July 24 - July 30 Fully Booked
July 30 - Aug 5 Fully Booked
Aug 5 - Aug 11 Fully Booked
Aug 11 - 17 Fully Booked
Aug 17 - Aug 23 3 Angler Spots Available
Aug 23 - Aug 29 Fully Booked
Aug 29 - Sept 4 1 Angler Spot Available
Sept 4 - Sept 10 2 Angler Spots Available

2019 booking dates

June 18 - June 23 2 Angler Spots Available
June 23 - June 28 Fully Booked
June 28 - July 3 Fully Booked
July 3 - July 8 6 Angler Spots Available
July 8 - July 13 4 Angler Spots Available
July 13 - July 18 2 Angler Spots Available
July 18 - July 23 Fully Booked
July 23 - July 28 Fully Booked
July 28 - Aug 2 Fully booked
Aug 2 - Aug 7 Fully Booked
Aug 7 - Aug 12 Fully Booked
Aug 12 - Aug 17 Fully Booked
Aug 17 - Aug 22 Fully Booked
Aug 22 - Aug 27 Fully Booked
Aug 27 - Sept 1 Fully Booked
Sept 1 - Sept 6 Fully Booked
Sept 6 - Sept 11 4 Angler Spots Available

Your Information


We will provide your domestic style beers (Bud, PBR, Miller etc.) at your request. We will also provide wines Chardonnay and Cabernet at your request. Please include the quantities, as shipping in the bush is expensive and will be exact. You must transport your own hard liquor, which we recommend you purchase in Anchorage.

If you have any special requests as far as soda pop please include them as well. If we are not able to get exactly the brand you requested we will substitute based on availability.

You will need to check with the airline you will be flying with for rules and regulations regarding transporting alcoholic beverages.

Contract Agreement

A non refundable of $1000.00 deposit is due upon securing dates for a trip. All remaining amounts are due on January 1, of the season of your trip. Cancellations made prior to December 31st of the upcoming season will receive a refund less $1,000.00. Any cancellations made after January 1st of season of the trip will not receive a refund unless your spot can be filled by yourself or MSTPA. Changing of dates of your trip will incur a $500 rescheduling fee.

MSTPA will not be responsible or liable for any loss, damage or injury to persons or property, however caused.

MSTPA will not be responsible for any cancellations or delays due to weather or transportation problems. When necessary for the safety and comfort of our guests, MSTPA has the right to cancel or make schedule changes.

I, the undersigned, authorize MSTPA to use photographs or video taken of me during the course of my trip for MSTPA promotional literature.

Unless otherwise stated, trips include round trip transportation from Anchorage to Midnight Sun, fully guided trip, meals, beverages, and accommodations.

Not included: gratuities.

I have read and completed this contract, and do hereby fully understand the above stated information.

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